Getting Lip from a Lemming




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Somewhat potato Missouri Tier X battle, lots and lots of kiting, low score, but I got blasted from a team mate at the end there in chat, which I don't think I deserve in this instance.
West flank of the Haven map, with an Amagi, a Harekaze DD and a Mogami cruiser while most of the rest of the team lemmings east.
(This on the day Flamu discovered they had probably broken her main battery dispersion upgrade in update 7.0.2., which I of course had mounted right from the start as per his recommendations. Supposedly, it feels like it ADDS 11% dispersion instead of subtracting 11%. And here I am wondering where my shooting skills have gone. Such as they were.)
Faced with BOTH enemy Yamatos, a North Carolina and a Shimakaze DD, I conclude we cannot hold, and decide to cheese it. Despite my warning, Amagi pushes in and dies. Mogami and Shima disengage. From then on, I keep kiting for ages till they finally get me.
All but two of my team mates also die but we win on points through capping.
And after all of that, after keeping up to five of the most dangerous enemy ships busy through most of the match chasing just me without achieving much else; after tanking ~2.3 mio potential damage and thus allowing my team to cap again and again; one of these lemmings has the barefaced cheek to call me a "Paypal Missouri".

(Which I am, of course ;-)

This from a guy who blew his Free XP on a Musashi instead.
I am a very bad player and frankly have no business even playing on Tier VIII, let alone Tier X. However, I don't see that anyone could have done *fundamentally* better in this situation. Maybe cause a bit more damage by better aiming and ship handling, maybe live a minute longer at the end there instead of getting bored with the kiting and instead of turning vainly on the Chapayev.

But not much else.